Our mission: Training you like an athlete!  Because everybody deserves the best in personal training and should benefit from the expertise of professional trainers.

" I am the owner of aktionréaktion and I am proud to give you the best services in personal training.  I think that my services are the best because all of our clients helped us to develop a better and more efficient approach to training. We provide the technique but you provide the soul and the heart of the gym.  

I want to thank all of my clients and future clients for believing in our training center. "

Jean-Pierre Saulnier - Owner & Kinesiologist

What makes us different?

WE CAN ADAPT YOUR TRAINING:  So you think that you cannot train your upper body because you have a sharp pain in you neck.  Today was supposed to be upperbody day and you think about not going to the gym because you don't know what to do.  

Here we can do something about it.  We can change your program so you have optimal results and help you to get rid of that neck pain.  Sometimes a good stretching session is better than an intensive training and if we think that it would be better for you to stretch we'll tell you because your results are our priority.

Our adapted training method and the proximity we have with our clients help us increase your motivation and at the same time your results. Efficient and simple!

WE HAVE EXPERIENCE:  We not only studied in the field of kinesiology, we all share our knowledge together to develop the best training methods.    

At the same time, If we think that you need more help than what we can provide, we'll be glad to refer you to one of the specialists (acupuncturist, osteopath, chiropractor etc.) we trust.  Working with other professionals has helped us to understand what you need and should do in all kind of situations.

Whether you are an athlete or a biginner, we'll be able to give you the same quality of training.  Each of our trainers has a different field of practice in sports and that helps a lot because you can choose the one that will help you the most in relation to your own sport.

WELLNESS: If you train well, have results, and change your bad habits, you are going to start to feel better about yourself.  If you feel better about yourself your life will be easier.  You'll sleep better, think better, you'll start to push yourself more in every aspect of your life and at the same time you'll feel more energized.

Training gives you that kind of confidence!  Trust me!

Our goal is to help you to reach that point when you feel that nothing is impossible ...!